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I don’t think there was one person in the class who didn’t walk away invigorated and keen to practice what we’ve learned. Thank You! - Sharon, The Baby Pantry.

"I feel like it was the best money i have ever spent on my business. I learnt so much and have already recommended the course to about 10 people! " - Lucinda, East Agency

"I highly recommend this course for anyone who might have a business that would benefit from great social media (which is basically any business, ever). I'm in the process of starting a clothing label and thought this would be a valuable pool of knowledge to dip my feet into. The course exceeded my expectations. I left feeling well informed, engaged, and inspired. Clare and Tina are experts and great teachers. Thanks ladies!" - Jessica Britten

“As a nonprofit we wondered whether it would really be worth our while to spend money on upskilling our staff in social media training. Having now completed the course we would highly recommend it for anyone looking to launch a campaign on social media. We went into the course with a pretty good understanding of how to use social media, but we came out with a campaign strategy knowing exactly how we were going to engage with our audience and even more usefully how to spend our limited budget to best effect.” - Jenny Marshall, Love Food Hate Waste NZ

"Just attended the best social media course at The Classroom with Tina and Claire. If you want to become a guru on social media in two days, this is the place to be! Bam." - Buffy Gill, founder of

"A brilliant course taught by two incredibly bright and engaging ladies. I've learned so much that my head is full of ideas for both my clients at work but also for my partner's business smile emoticon I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to improve their understanding of social media! Fantastic stuff. Great follow-up support and notes too! " - Fiona Tulloch

"Girls. You are amazing and I so enjoyed learning with you. Thanks for the experience and I'm going to rave about The Classroom to everyone!!!" - Myken Stewart, brand manager, New Zealand Fashion Week

"I run a small online business with my business partner. Launching in April 2014 with a very limited marketing budget, we were predominately relying on social media to create brand awareness and drive sales. Tina & Claire provided us with a friendly environment with SO much insight into all social media platforms - insider knowledge, advertising, content creation and everything in between. We are currently revamping our social media strategy with the tools they gave us and cannot wait to see what the future holds for our business. We cannot thank them enough!" - Sam Glasswell, founder of She Lives Cruelty Free.

"Such an amazing course. The Classroom has showed me all the things I was doing wrong with my social media advertising. Claire and Tina have pointed me in the right direction that will help my company save so much money in the long run. Thanks so much guys. You rock." - Logan Reardon, owner of Health 101

"An outstanding course run by two people with amazing knowledge of their field of expertise. I found the two days riveting and came away with some great tools to help me harness the power of social media for my chosen industry. Highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their business via social media." - Kayne Henderson, insurance broker, Canopy Group